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I guess my interest in things Buck started from being a young impressionable boy (of about 13) in the early 80's watching Buck Rogers in the 25th Century on Sunday afternoon T.V. (I think Battlestar Galatica was broadcast at around the same time!)

At that time I was given or bought a Corgi Starfighter which along with other Dinky and Corgi models was of course bashed, buried and repainted as with most of today's collectable items!

I also have to own up that the sight of a spandex wearing Erin Gray as Wilma Deering did something to stir the testosterone and warm the blood!

So after some 20 years and with the advent of internet auctions I started to aquire collectables and memorabillia. I have been fortunate enough (some would say stupid enough) to acquire several of the original Film and T.V. series costumes and props (see link) and I continue to look for the unusual and rarer items out there.

I hope you enjoy these pages, I have also included links to other Buck Rogers sites; many of these site are obviously maintained by people who have more time on their hands than I do, and I applaud their commitment, patience and time on these sites.

Enjoy the 25th Century!

DVD Release. Universal Home Video will release the complete series (I & II) for Region 1 on 16th Nov 2004, it will include the full pilot episode BUT no extras. Region 2 release date is 8th November BUT will only contain Series I and no feature length pilot episode.

Paul Evans (Updated September 2004)