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This is a long overdue attempt to update my presence, so the links will appear clumsy for a while, but maybe I'll get round to updating it all sooner rather than later.


I was born in Merton, England in 1966 to an English Mother (Kingston) and a Welsh Father (Neath). Whilst a youngster I lived in Ewell, Tadworth, Hassocks and Gussage-All-Saints (N. Dorset). I went to college in Bournemouth and then to the real world of employment. Living in Surbiton and working in Croydon and then Sutton. My son, Daniel, was born in 1994 and my daughter, Amy, was born at the end of May 2006.
I am by profession a computer consultant, having worked in the industry since 1984, working for software houses, a muti-national, and then as a consultant to finance houses and telecomms organisations.
My interests mainly revolve around classic cars, performance cars, motorbikes and football, but I'd like to think I'm an all around kind of bloke, so have interests in many things.

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